1. On the Maguindanao Massacre

    My sympathies go out to the grieving families of this horrific crime. I know that our President, being a mother and a wife,feels their pain and will utilize the full strength of the AFP, PNP and the Justice Department to go after these murderers, but at the same time following the tenets of due process and equal enforcement of the law.

    4 years ago
  2. On The Latest Round of Oil Price Hikes

    I view the latest round of oil price hikes as both insult (As it comes at the heels of the proposed mechanism for oil price management in times of crisis) and direct challenge to the government’s efforts to control the prices of basic commodities and help ease the impact of the recent calamities on our people. I find it downright insensitive, and bordering on the despicable and disgusting, and i condemn it. As chairman of the House energy committee, and after thorough discussion and debate at the committee level, I reiterate my call for the pertinent government agencies, the Department of Energy in particular, to start auditing the books of the oil companies. This has also been ordered by the president. I am also coordinating with Sec. Favila regarding the proposed special mechanism for oil price management which we will present to the oil companies. Our people might get the impression that oil companies can have their way with our people. -Mikey Arroyo

    4 years ago
  3. So how will you bring down the price of gasoline?

    zach_lucero @mikeyarroyo so how will you bring down the price of gasoline?

    That’s a complex issue, because the oil deregulation law is full of technicalities, and my complete answer would be several pages. But in a nutshell, what we are batting for is thorough review of the provisions of the law.

    As chairman of the house committee on energy, I have presided over more than ten hearings wherein we have been looking at the allegations of collusion amongst the oil companies to fix prices. If these charges are found to be true, we will not hesitate to exercise our committee’s oversight duties and make sure penalties are exacted on erring oil players.

    But I would be more than happy to sit down with you at my office to discuss the issue further with you.


    4 years ago
  4. Busy Day At Congress

    Busy day at congress. We’ve been in plenary debates on the national budget. Today the house tackles the budget of the Department of Energy, and I am leading a renewed effort to study ways of bringing down fuel and power rates, especially at this when our countrymen are in dire need.

    4 years ago
  5. Mikey Arroyo on the 75 and 50-centavo price reduction for Gasoline and Diesel

    I don’t agree with the 75-centavo and 50-centavo price reduction for gasoline and diesel. I don’t think its enough, especially in the light of the NEDA study showing that pump prices of fuel should go down by 6-8 pesos per liter. As chairman of the house energy committee, I call on the oil companies to implement a full rollback, especially now that we are under a state of calamity and our people are still reeling from the devastation caused by Ondoy and Pepeng. It should reflect the true price, not the pittance that they reduce in pump prices. It’s almost an insult to our intelligence,and unmindful of the suffering of many Filipinos.

    Of course the oil companies, particularly the Big Three, continue to refute the NEDA study, but since they also block efforts to have their books audited by the pertinent government agencies, this issue of alleged overpricing cannot be settled with finality. And while we welcome the decision of the oil companies to defer the raising of LPG prices by a month to help the situation of our suffering countrymen, i must reiterate that their prices should reflect the true price of their product.

    4 years ago
  6. Emergency Preparedness Tips

    1) Look for the nearest evacuation center in your area.If your area was flooded previously or is a high-risk area, secure your appliances and other belongings and head to evacuation centers.

    2) If you think your area is relatively safe, locate the main switch of your house and be ready to shut off power in case of flood. move appliances to higher ground or elevate them on boxes or crates.

    3) Make sure there are no items outside that can be thrown by strong winds and hurt or kill. Board up or cover windows. Secure trees close to your home with ropes so they don’t fall and crush your roof, trim branches that may snap off and injure others.

    4) Move vehicles to higher ground. Make sure they have enough fuel and will start quickly in case of emergency evacuation.

    5) Have an adequate supply of drinking water and foods that don’t require cooking to last your family for at least a week. Stock up on flashlights and batteries, candles and clothes, including raincoats and rubber boots. Have battery powered radio so you can listen to weather updates even during brownouts. Have a complete first aid kit and stock up on special medicines you may need.

    6) Keep cellphones charged and list down emergency hotlines.

    Emergency Hotlines:

    Philippine National Police – 117
    Philippine National Police (SMS) - 2920
    Manila Electric Co (Meralco) – 16211
    Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) – 136
    Maynilad – 1626
    Manila Water – 1627
    Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) – 931-8101
    Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) – 928-0308
    Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) – 527-0000

    RT@clariztanganco: Red Cross Advice : 1. Store (ready to eat food) 2. Water 3. Meds (fever, dehydration) 4. Posporo, Candle & Flashlights

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